Friday, June 30, 2017

[Flamingo Bloom] Modern stylish affordable crafted teas

As well as food,  tea is another big thing for me, be it Chinese leaf tea or English tea.
For some people coffee is their start to the day whereas its tea for me.
Since Shortbread Teas closed down,  there hasn't really been another proper tea house.
Flamingo Bloom is totally different, I first noticed it when there was an eye-catching  lovely pink front backdrop covering the entrance.

There are four main tea blends with Jasmine tips green being the signature,  Highland oolong,  Honey orchid black and Chrysanthemum Pu'er.
They serve these teas for only $19, but why not go for the fancy crafted tea when you can have it with fruit, boba pearls, latte and even topped with a salted milk cap.

The tea that I had was just my style because all I could think of was Wimbledon and Cream teas.

The taste was exactly like drinking fresh strawberries with thick cream just like strawberries and cream during Wimbledon Tennis season.
The name couldn't coincide better with Tennis because a Smash hit is where you hit the ball with an overhead smash.
Important tip:  The salted milk cap is drunk without the straw so that when you drink it from the cup,  you end up with a mix of strawberry tea and the milk cap,  otherwise with a straw you just end up drinking the tea and the milk cap is left floating on top.
Also tried the other teas which were as good as my expectation, basically a tea with a decent natural taste since they are brewed with tea leaves.
The decor and logo revolves around flamingoes so expect bright colours with a summery splash,  something that will put you in a positive energetic mood all year round.

Grand opening on July 2nd (Sun) 2017, they are giving away mini Flamingo floats with any drinks purchased between July 2 to 4 from 8:00 am - 8:00 pm, while stocks last.
Other drinks at Flamingo Bloom:
[Jasmine tips green with fresh fruits]
[Honey orchid black with Boba and salted milk cap]
[ Jasmine tips green with Salted milk cap]
This is a brand that I can see popping up in London or New York because it has style and an image that can be readily accepted anywhere.

[Flamingo Bloom]
50 Stanley Street,
World Trust Tower,
Central, Hong Kong

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