Friday, June 02, 2017

Beyond Meat Burger

As soon as I heard this vegetarian beef patty was in Hong Kong, I had to try it because beef has nasty fat bits, chewy plastic bits and it sometimes stinks.
You can either buy the twin pack of beyond meat patties for $7x and cook them yourself or you can try them in Burger version at Green Common, The Butcher's club (for a limited time) and Ovo Cafe.
I wanted to buy the patties but getting a decent bun in HK is difficult and a decent bun means you have to pay more than you should do compared to UK where you can just get a decent bun anywhere that costs no more than a few HK dollars.
I decided to try Green Common, Butchers Club and skipping Ovo Cafe because the burger at OVO Cafe contains Kimchi and it is quite pricey $14x with chips.
Verdict for The Green Common Burger:

The green common one didn't taste as beefy as I expected and the ketchup let me down because it was too sweet and not tart enough.
I also added extra cheese which made it $90.
Video of the Green Common Burger:

Verdict for The Butchers Club burger:
The one at Butchers Club costs $100 and it is much tastier because the beetroot chips have this realistic bacon flavour to it and the sauce was creamy.
The only complaint was that it was a bit too salty.


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