Wednesday, June 21, 2017

[Extra Virgin] Affordable Italian pastas in Hong Kong

It is really difficult to find affordable and delicious pastas in Hong Kong.
Extra Virgin has finally answered my prayers after Pasta Mio closed in Central.
The menu is diverse so it caters for Hong Kongers.
I felt that the drinks selection could have been better because they only served Hong Kong style tea in those thick rimmed cups and lacked Western teas.
The Italian choices were clearly the picks for me.
It had almost everything I wanted except Lasagne so I made quite a few visits to try them.

Here was what I had: Spaghetti aglio de olio, spaghetti pomodoro e basilico, fettucine bolognese and the Feta cheese pizza.
Everything was cooked to order.

spaghetti pomodoro e basilico:

Perfect pasta with fragrant basil and rich tomato sauce.
fettucine bolognese:
This was al dente fettucine in a lovely meat sauce loaded with lots of minced meat.
Feta cheese pizza:
The pizza was impressive because the cheese was just melted to how I like it while the base was thin and crispy.
It would be great if they used tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes because they were clumsy and kept falling off the pizza.
Spaghetti aglio de olio:
Unfortunately, this was boring and tasteless, perhaps the Vongole might be a better choice.
Will definitely come again for the ravioli and hope that they will add lasagne to the menu.

Extra Virgin:

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