Thursday, March 08, 2018

[Momo Cafe] The ultimate crab pizza

As well as good food, there are two cute guys which are double trouble because they are twins.
Went there for a gathering as the tables are spacious and the decor is stylish as well.

The menu is clear and comprehensive.

Here was what we had: Started with the Port Wine Beef cheeks which were served on a bed of silky mash.
The beef cheeks were soft and gelatinous in this rich port wine sauce.

Next was the crab pizza ordered by my friend. I didn't have any expectations because I thought it was just going to be pizza with crab meat but when it came it just got stole everyone's attention as it was literally a whole crab on top of the pizza.

It was convenient to eat because the crab had already been chopped up.
I took the crab shell thinking there was tomalley but it had totally cleaned out so I thought it was just there for decoration but it turns out they put the tomalley on the pizza so it was evilicious with all that cheese, crab tomalley and orange roe.
Although it was quite heavy, there was basil leaves to freshen it up.

Last but not least was the Suckling Pig which was soft and tender while the skin was crispy.

Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner and I was surprised at the quality and creativity at MoMo Pizza.Pasta.Beer.

[Momo Cafe]
Tel: 34622503
Flat 103, 1/F, Cheungs Building, 1-3 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan

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