Friday, March 30, 2018

[Sun Curry] Star Street is never gloomy with Sun Curry

Discovered this new curry joint on Star Street when I was going to Maison ES recently.
The curry joint stood out because of the hippy style flowery SUN logo and the bright LED star.

Finally went there during Easter.
On the menu, there is a simple choice of curry which is paired with rice, noodle, vermicelli, flat rice noodle and udon.
They also specialize in Beef Brisket too, there is ordinary beef brisket and the Superb Beef brisket which is in limited supply each day.
I was really chuffed to see Lemon Chicken, Curry Fishballs and Fried Ice Cream on the menu.
It really felt like going to my local Chinese Takeaway in UK because curry and lemon chicken are popular picks.

Tried the Lemon Chicken and Beef Curry.
At first, I thought the curry tasted like Japanese curry but then it tasted like Pakistani curry which is very spicy.

Also tried a bit of the Superb beef brisket which was very soft and that beef broth it was in was amazing so I would recommend their beef brisket noodles as well.

The lemon chicken in appetizing lemon sauce was comforting and healthier because it was pan fried and not the deep fried version.

I really enjoyed my curry fix so I will be back for the fried ice cream and I secretly wish fried apple / banana is going to be on the menu and sweet and sour chicken too!!!
As you can imagine, this joint is very popular with residents and people working nearby.

[Sun Curry]
2C Star Street, Wanchai
Tel: 24123423

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