Friday, March 23, 2018

[Brut] A dish for everyone

Brut is on the other end of Second Street, away from the crowd but not so away. You are greeted with two high tables and a long bar which makes it great dining alone with friends.

In this Modern era, it is all about clean living as well as clean drinking.
The drinks are definitely to brag about because Camille Lisette Glass at BRUT is a strong advocate of natural wine, hence the choice of all these natrual wines and their homemade Kombucha cocktails.

Looking at the menu side, it is tapas-style offering a good variety on vegetarian and vegan options with fresh organic produce from the local Sai Ying Pun market to support the neighbourhood.
Not only that, the dishes have a multicultural twist of French, Spanish, American and Asian influences which will surprise your palate.
Here was what we had that night, there wasn't really a dish that I didn't like because they were all good in different ways.

• Smoked eggplant and vegetables. ($58) (Vegan) It was flawless and eggplant dip in the middle was jet black as it was smoked.

• Mushrooms in a red wine, anchovy and shallot sauce. ($68) The anchovies in the red wine sauce really brought out the mushroom flavours.

• Devilled Eggs; eggs, fermented plum, artichoke. ($68) (Vegetarian) Not your usual devilled eggs as these were moreish and punchy because of the saltiness and sourness which reminded me of the pickled eggs at the chippie.

• Buffalo mozzarella, Kalamata olive tapenade and fried enoki mushrooms. ($98) (Vegetarian) Another flavourful dish which was enhanced by the olive tapenade.

The Roquefort Mac n Cheese was a killer because I love French Cheeses. Having it in the Mac n cheese dish was just too good to be true and something that I never thought about on Mac n Cheese.

• Galician beef tenderloin with baby spinach. ($248) For meat, the beef was soft and tender that it just tore apart effortlessly.

Finished with natrual cocktails with their Baby Boucha concocted with their homemade kombucha.

Shop C, G/F, 1 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District

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