Thursday, March 08, 2018

[Beat] Feeling upbeat vibes after a visit to BEAT!

Discovered BEAT as I was in TST.

Noticed this shop because of the music Clef note with a B incorporated in the logo, when I got closer I found out it was a modern bakery by Tsui Wah but the style is totally different from the bakery counters at TW restaurants because they are not selling the usual Pineapple buns etc.

Tsui Wah has been getting more of my attention recently with their healthy options such as okra scrambled egg and the use of quinoa in its dishes.

BEAT was really captivating because they had colourful bakery made with natrual colourings like blueberries, squid ink and cranberries etc.
I was told that they do not use softening agents in their breads which makes them healthier.

The bakery is creative with names inspired by Chinese songs and lyrics for those who can read Chinese.

The sandwich selection is beautifully presented, the pink bread is made of rose while the orange one is made of carrot.

You can also buy the bread on it its own and they have this instaworthy leopard bread which is sold out early in the morning.

As well as bakery, they have energetic detox waters and detox fruit teas crammed with fruit to boost your mood.

I tried the blueberry cream cheese bun and the Soft European Pitaya and Cheese bread because I love cream cheese.
Both were soft and dreamy but the Pitaya (dragon fruit) had to be my favourite because not many bakeries use Pitaya on baked bread.

The blueberry cream cheese filling was really satisfying because you could taste real blueberries blended in the cream cheese.

The detox tea was sweet and hydrating infused with fruits while the detox water was more on the refreshing side.

I can't wait to try their new products and will have to come earlier for the leopard pattern loaf!!!!!

[Beat by Tsui Wah]
Located in the paid area of TST MTR Station.

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