Wednesday, September 09, 2009

[Singmalay Part 11] Relish Noodle 狀元麵館

[Singmalay Part 11]
As a laksa lover, I will try laksa at where ever you can find it.
Relish Noodle isn't Singaporean but the usual cha chan teng and possibly a chain of May Wong’s, but worse.

The restaurant is very cramped with tables at one side with a corridor only wide enough for one person.

Despite the setting, still decided to eat there, waited for ages for someone to come over and take the orders.
Ordered Laksa and Vietnamese noodle and added $5 for green tea with jelly drink.

The laksa just tasted like diluted laksa, not spicy and tasteless, you could only tell it was laksa by appearance and smell ONLY.

The Vietnamese noodles was Ok, nothing too bad or too good about it.

But the worst thing was, the drink was on the printed receipt, but they forgot to put the order in the kitchen.

Relish Noodle 狀元麵館
184-186 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

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