Monday, September 28, 2009

[Singmalay Part 9] Malaymama 馬拉媽媽

[Singmalay Part 9]
Came here for afternoon tea, so ordered their Laksa and Noodles in Soy sauce, the portion of the noodles in soy sauce was quite small, which was good in a way because I was still hungry, so ordered the prawn noodles as well!!!

Noodles in Soy sauce with chicken and roast pork:
The noodles tasted like the noodles I previously tried at On Lei in SKW.
The shredded chicken was tender and juicy, and wasn't dry, tasteless or had an overnight odour like some places.
The roast pork was ok and the soup that came with the noodles was natural, no msg was added.

not that spicy, the soup wasn't that strong, Katong still rates the FIRST!!!
Anyway the vermicelli was good!! they are the thread like vermicelli, same at Katong.
Also the soup didn't have MSG.

Prawn noodles:
Tasted relatively good, as good at the prawn noodle shop in wanchai, but in a different way.
The prawn noodles here tasted good, because the vermicelli was thin, so could take in the flavour of the soup, however the prawn soup at wanchai tastes stronger, but the noodles there are not good.

Malaymama 馬拉媽媽
Shop 11A, Mercer Street, Sheung Wan, Sheung Wan

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