Wednesday, September 02, 2009

[Singmalay Part 8] King Laksa 喇沙王

[Singmalay Part 8]
Of all laksas I have had, I am still a loyal fan of Katong and I have yet to try Malaymama.

The only thing unique with the laksa here, is that you can choose silver pin noodles.
The Laksa was not spicy at all, and the soup was thin, the oysters were added when served.

The satays with yellow ginger rice turned out to be the star of lunch.
Although slightly over on the sweet side, but it was very delicious.
The rice, known as ginger rice, was a bit bland.

The satays were ok, only the beef and chicken was good, the pork had bits of fat on it.
The octopus was chewy and tasteless, but tasted good together with the beef satay.

All their chopsticks were black, however there was a pair of light blue chopsticks on our table which I liked.

As for the environment, it was so hot and unairconditioned, a total glutton for punishment eating there on a hot day, I was wearing hot pants and vest top and I was fuming from inside out!

King Laksa 喇沙王
20 Gilmans Bazaar

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