Sunday, August 05, 2018

Donburis that are worth the wait at [Ranbashi Donburi Restaurant]

It wasn't even a Friday or Weekend but a Wednesday when the evening just begun at 6pm and there was a crowd outside.
As my friend was adamant on trying this place, we waited until we were arranged a table.
We ordered as soon as we got a table as we knew what we wanted.

I had the deluxe toro donburi while my friend had the eel donburi.

The toro donburi made me salivate as it was topped with jelly which turned out to be appetizing vinegar that made the fatty toro not so overwhelming.
On the side, there was a cute quail egg which just added to the silkiness and texture.
I finished it within a flash as the jelly vinegar constantly made me hungry and I have to admit I still felt hungry after eating it.

Definitely will be back earlier to avoid the queue.

[Ranbashi Donburi Restaurant 嵐橋丼飯專門店]:
Shop BCD, Rich Tower, 2 Blenheim Ave, Miden Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 2244 3238

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