Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Korean Vegetarian Buffet at [樸生•素食 Bobsang Green]

Many people are confused because they think there is only one restaurant called Bobsang but it is actually two restaurants: Bobsang and Bobsang Green.

At Bobsang, they serve the full menu with the vegetarian a la carte while Bobsang Green has the vegetarian buffet. I think Bobsang Green is worth recommending because there are not many veg buffets around let alone Korean style.

They have started serving mains with the buffet so I was really lucky I didn't try it earlier. That night, there was a choice of bibimbap, huge mushroom steak or the burger but unfortunately the burger ran out of stock.

[huge mushroom steak]

In the buffet area, there was DIY Teobokki, DIY Silky Tofu, DIY Seaweed Bibimbap and other dishes.
The dishes are rotated every night so it could be something different on the next visit.
Here was what I had:
I was really satisfied with the DIY Seaweed Bibimbap as I could add whatever was available in the buffet selection.
Basically it was hard not to not like it as you add all your favourites in, mine were celtuce and beetroot which makes it juicy and flavourful.

If you love silky tofu, the toppings that you can choose are healthy, such as peach gum, barley etc.

As well as vegetarian oyster soup, I had pumpkin congee which was thick and wholesome.
It was very comforting as it tasted like baby food.

Other items from the buffet bar.

Dessert Selection:
The eggtarts and chocolate pistachio tarts were really good.

Will definitely be back for more.

樸生•素食 Bobsang Green
Shop 119B, 1/F, Maritime Square, 33 Tsing King Road, Tsing Yi

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