Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Refreshing drinks anytime at Fu Rong to beat the heat

Fu Rong is one of the new classy restaurants at OTE with a beautiful view of the harbour.

They specialize in Chengdu cuisine executed in a modern way.
As an expat, when I first heard of Fu Rong it just made me think of egg foo-young and China Town but after reading more information it turned out to be a must try place.

This was my first visit to Fu Rong and it was for drinks but you do get a complimentary snack with it.

On the drinks list, there are nine specially crafted alcoholic beverages to choose from made from the wines shown below.

My eyes were drawn to the special cocktails concocted with Xiao Lang Jiu.

These cocktails were:
Fu Rong Cosmo (Xiao Long Jiu + Creme de Peach + Lime + Cranberry Juice)
Sichuan Tonic (Xiao Long Jiu + Lemon + Tonic)
Langjito (Xiao Long Jiu + Mint + Lime)

The drinks package is a selection of 2 drinks and a snack for $238 per person which is available all day.

There are six snack choices to choose from and they are all very different.

Toast - Avocado Butter

Chicken Wings - Sichuan Spicy

Fries - Cumin Seasoning

Roasted Sweet Potato

Mixed Wild Mushroom Spring rolls

Dried Beef Slices - Chili and Pepper

It is really impressive that they have 4 meat free choices for people who do not eat meat.

For drinks I had the Fu Rong Cosmo which was girly and it was just the drink for me because of the appetizing striking notes of peach.
I chose avocado butter toast because avocado butter is healthy and I love toast.

My friend had the Sichuan Tonic with dried beef slices.
It was another good pairing as lemon and chili go great together.

I tried the beef slices and it was so addictive because they tasted like beef jerky with a lovely Sichuan Peppercorn aroma and they were not that fiery.

Guests having dinner there will also receive a box of chocolate worth HKD135.
I received a box that evening and it was damn good, all the flavours were all equally as good but the Cinnamon Apple was exceptionally good.
What I liked about these chocolates was the ratio of filling to chocolate, the chocolate shell was thin so you get more of the flavours inside and it wasn't too sweet.

Will return for a proper meal next time.

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