Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Cruffin by Marks and Spencer

The cruffin which is a pastry hybrid of a croissant and a muffin was only previously available at posh bakeries in London and some other countries.
It is meant to be crisp and flaky like a croissant and soft doughy like a muffin on the inside. You can get it at Marks and Sparks as well as this Japanese inspired Chinese bakery A1 group but their version is weird as it is covered in icing.

At Marks and Sparks, there are three different flavours – chocolate and hazelnut, Seville orange and strawberry and Marc de champagne, at £1.50 in the UK and $25 in Hong Kong.

I was a bit disappointed because it was not doughy and soft in the middle and it was just a croissant all the way through but shaped like a muffin.

Never the less, both the Strawberry and orange flavours were good because jam and croissants always go together.
The chocolate was a bit rich and tasted like a pain du chocolat filled with nutella paste.

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