Friday, August 04, 2017

V-Care Asia Health supplements Booth 1C-A27

Discovered V-Care Asia at the food expo 2017 press conference.
This brand is quite famous because I remember seeing it a few years ago at various shops.

Tried all health drinks and here is what I thought.

Si Wu Tang Four Herbs soup.

Health benefits claims:
Reduces symptoms of menopause, reduces menstrual cramps, improves blood circulation, improves skin complexity for rosy skin.
Si Wu Tang Four Herbs Drink:

Basically you make this drink by putting the herbs bag into the cup and adding hot water and letting it infuse for 7 minutes or longer for a stronger taste.
The colour of the drink was quite dark and the smell of Dongwai was strong.
As for the taste it was really nice, personally I liked it strong so I left it for 8 minutes and there is a hint of sweetness which is good.

The Si Wu Tang Four Herbs Drink can be bought from CR Care, Apita, UNY, Piago, Yata, AEON, Health Plus and Sasa.

The soup comes in a box of 10 sachets with the herbs contained in a filter bag.

Vegetable Soup.

Health benefits claims:
Reduces blood pressure, detoxifies the body and reduces acidic urine, detoxifies blood, strengthens body cells and improves the functions of vital organs, improves immunity and slows the ageing process.
Vegetable soup:

The soup was clear with a caramel coloured tone.
Basically it had a strong taste of Chinese mushrooms and a hint of sweetness.
The soups come in a sachets which are convenient because you just add 250ml of hot water and it ready to drink.

Green juice:

Health benefits claimed by this product:
Detoxifies the body, antioxidant properties, slimming properties, helps constipation.
The soups come in a sachets which are convenient because you just add 200ml of cold water and it ready to drink after stirring it.

The soup was green.

Basically it had a strong taste mint with a hint of sweetness which is good for people who do like not the taste of raw vegetables.

Barley leaf, Wheat grass, spinach, carrot, angelica keiskei, broccoli, coriander, celery, pepper, perilla, basil, corchorus aestuans, medlar, kiwi fruit, apple, strawberry, lemon, ginger, coriander, parsley, cumin, rosemary, mint, linseed, pumpkin seed, walnut, soy lecithin, bee pollen, chlorella, fiber powder and fructose.
As well as these health drinks they also have Guava and Mulberry leaf tea, Golden red root tea and Burdock and Red date tea.

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