Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Exotic dishes at Verde Mar

Since my last visit, there are new dishes again.

This time, it is chicken wings, who doesn't love chicken wings!
I loved the crispy coating with a complex taste because there are so many spices according to the chef.
At first I could taste cinnamon then I could taste the cajun so the sauce was not really needed.

But in the end I tried the sauce anyway and it became really addictive because it was very hot and made the food appetizing.
The Mexican Truffle Salad (Huitlacoche) is also my favourite because it has lots of mushrooms which make it taste earthy and it is totally vegetarian.
Huitlacoche is very interesting because it is related to corn as it is a fungus that infects corn and causes it to swell yet it is a delicacy that you can eat!!! Hence the name Mexican Truffle.

For meat lovers, there was the Carnitas Taco with Blue Corn Tortilla. I was really lucky that day because the Tortilla is made from blue corn which was brought to HK by one of the Chefs friend.
Other than the colour, it is very filling with shredded pork and the sauce from the chicken wings complement it nicely.

Finished with the Pumpkin cheesecake mousse which will really surprise you because there is a good ratio of fresh pumpkin in it.

But then all their desserts are good like the sweetcorn icecream which has real sweetcorn in it.
For drinks, had the cooling Watermelon Mojito, Pin Colada and I had my favourite Horchata which is rice based drink with cinnamon.

It is really good to see them grow from a small joint in Quarry Bay to this cool restaurant in Wanchai!
Verde Mar:

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