Thursday, August 10, 2017

[Epure] Thematic lobster dinner

Born and raised in a UK seaside town, I am used to fresh seafood and not so far from home is Brittany another seaside town where they have quality seafood as well.

At EPURE,  Executive Chef Nicolas Boutin brings you the best experience with blue lobsters from Brittany until the end of this month with the THEMATIC dinner.

I was really impressed with this dinner because every course was uniformly sumptuous and the blue lobster was delicately sweet and springy.

Began with the chilled soup and amuse bouche. The petit pois tarts were divine because they just pop in your mouth with sweetness and it is so difficult to get fresh peas in HK.
Peas are a must in French food!

The chilled soup was amazing because the tiny mussels at the bottom were sweet and fresh while the mussel foam on top smoothed it out contrasted by the refreshing vegetable jelly.

The first of the lobster course was the Blue Lobster with Heirloom Carrot, Baby Artichoke and Elderberry Vinaigrette. The fruity, sweet elderberry vinaigrette made a perfect pairing with lobster.

Next was the Blue Lobster with Shellfish Consommé, Petit Pois and Celery. The consomme was rich and strong owing to the lobster tomalley mousse contrasted by the sweet green peas and crisp celery.

The third course was a bit like surf and turf wtih Blue Lobster, Blonde d’Aquitaine Beef, Spring Onion, ‘Grenaille’ Potato Tarragon and Red Wine Sauce. As well as the lobster, the potatoes were also fluffy and tasty.

For desserts, the choice was hard because there was the Seasonal & Essential Artisan Cheese Selection or the Mille-Feuille because both are good! The Caramelised Mille-Feuille is prepared by your table with fresh strawberries, lime zest and Chantilly cream.

The cheese platter is wonderful but the Caramelised Mille-Feuille is definitely recommended because it is visually stunning with all those layers and it is such an experience when you eat it.

Address: Shop 403, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Phone:3185 8338

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