Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Playful Fish-shaped soy sauce bottle

Tsuru in Central is dedicated to Japanese-style cocktails, prepared by Japanese mixologist Katsuhisa Hirakawa.

Cocktails at Tsuru are made with a number of alcoholic beverages imported from Japan, including sake, vermouth, spirit, gin, liqueur and whiskey as well as other ingredients, such as Japanese citrus fruits, Sudachi and Hyuganatsu, to bring upon the original Japanese aroma. In addition to the massive cocktail selection, Japanese snacks, skewers and main dishes are served at Tsuru to deliver customers a relaxing Japanese drinking and dining experience.

Celebrating the arrival of the summer season, customers will be delighted by the brand new seasonal Japanese cocktails and sangrias available from now until 30th October. Revolving around 3 distinct themes – “ELEGANT”, “SHARING” and “PLAYFUL”, the 3 different levels of experiences to enjoy the new cocktails and sangrias should not be missed!

Japanese Wine Sangria ($430/500ml, portion for 2-3 persons)

Fish-shaped soy sauce bottle has been one of the quintessential items when enjoying sushi all around the world. As a tribute to the iconic bottle, this Japanese wine sangria is a concoction of Japanese red wine, Zuisen Red Tea Liqueur and Japanese citrus fruits- Sudachi imported from Japan and the Miyazaki Prefecture special Hyuganatsu. This sangria comes with a playful twist as it is served in a super-sized fish-shaped bottle.
Sakura Mojito ($120):
Unlike the usual preparation of mojito, where it is mixed with syrup, the Sakura Mojito at Tsuru uses sugar Shōchū (SHIMAnoNAPOLEON) from Amami Ōshima as a substitute. The mojito is then added with Dover Sakura Liqueur and further upgraded with Japanese citrus fruits - Sudachi imported from Japan and the Miyazaki Prefecture special Hyuganatsu. Garnished with Japanese edible sakura flowers, the sensational drink is modified with a hint of the quaintness and elegance of Japanese culture.

WA Negroni ($130):
Vermouth and gin are traditionally the two main ingredients of Negroni. WA Negroni at Tsuru, however, is a mixture of Campari and a vermouth made with a Japanese gin (Wa Bi Gi) and the Asahi Yama Senjuhai Sake from Niigata.
Shiso Mariage ($120):
Made with the Asahi Yama Senjuhai Sake from Niigata, Dover Shiso Liqueur, cranberry juice and fresh lemon juice, the Shiso Mariage cocktail spots a classy shade of red with a refreshing sweetness.

Cocktail Information above provided by PRelations Group Restaurant PR Agency
Japanese Cocktail Bar Tsuru Address: G/F, Parekh House, 63 Wyndham Street, Central
Tel: 2523 9968 Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 5:00pm to 4:00am

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