Saturday, 12 August 2017

Nissin ramen popup store at LOF10 Bar Dining

As a fan of Nissin noodles, I had to check out the Nissin ramen popup at LOF10 in Causeway Bay where they have decorated the place like a ramen joint with ramen bowls and Nissin figures.

On the menu special, there are four sets to choose from ranging from $88-$108, all including a noodle, dessert and drink.

For me, it is super difficult to decide which one to get but in the end I narrowed it down to the two.
It was either the soup or the one with luncheon meat so I settled for the soup one because of the okra.
The ramen turned out really good because the softness was just right and the broth was good with a poached egg which makes the broth even richer.

For dessert, there was the bubble eggette topped with syrup and rose petals.

Finished with a satisfying latte.

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