Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Apple pie and afternoon tea set @ Burger King

Had one of the tea sets and regretted not getting the croissant as well as I don't know when I can next try the tea set.
There were three sets to choose from: BBQ Chicken Tender Burger, cheese and ham croissant and the fish burger.
BBQ Chicken Tender Burger:
This burger was sandwiched with three chicken tender strips with mayonnaise and barbecue sauce.
Since it was three pieces of chicken instead of a whole piece there was more proportion of flavoured coating and crunch to it.
Apple pie:
When I got the apple pie it was so oily you could see the oil on the packaging and the edges.
Anyway the pie pastry was too thick and the apple filling was very artificial.
Since it was too hot, I let it cool down to take another bite but when it had cooled down you could smell the fying oil in the pastry.

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