Monday, May 07, 2012

Mushoom ravioli and mulligatawny soup @ Delaney's

Usually I come here for roast or order their daily lunch if it looks good.
That day they had mushroom ravioli and mulligatawny soup which is not normally on the menu so I went in for it.
Mushoom ravioli with pesto cream sauce
Although there were only about five raviolis on the plate it tasted delicious.
The mushrooms inside were wild mushrooms and had a really nice strong taste.
The sauce for the ravioli was really creamy and it there was pesto puree topped on top and tomato sauce in the middle.
Mulligatawny soup
This was a light watery soup that was curry flavoured.
There was rice in it as well which is similar to the texture of rice you find in the Chinese congee.
Grilled fish with green peas
The grilled fish was delicious and it was on a bed of generous mash.
The highlight of the dish was the green pea puree on top.

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