Friday, May 11, 2012

Delicious coconut egg white munchies @ Orchid Padaria

I have always been a fan of Orchid Padaria Bakery but their shops were located in the New Territories or KCR stations which is not in my path.
Now they have a few shops in the city which is really good.

Previously I have tried their sawdust puddings and they were good.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This time when I went in, there were quite a few interesting items such as the cheese triangles, and macarons.
The cheese triangles can be bought in packs or in twos. Anyway in UK we have Dairylea so it would be interesting to try a different brand that is not imported in the UK.
I really regretted not getting some.
I spotted some bite size snacks which looked like mini coconut macaroons which are not to be confused with the French Macarons as seen in the above picture.
Coconut macaroons are really sweet snacks made with lots of coconut, almond and starch which gives it firmess.
The ones here looked light and they are called Coconut and egg whites and a bit like baked meringues.
When I opened the packet, I could instantly smell the coconut which was really nice.
I loved the size of them. Anyway, the taste was great, it was not too sweet but it got sweeter after I had quite a few.

It had the same texture as crispy meringue and there was so much dessicated coconut in it.
If you leave them for a while, the humidity will make them chewy and they also tasted gorgeous chewy, so I am going to get another pack and deliberately leave it in the open for a while to make them chewy.

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