Monday, May 07, 2012

Poached egg salmon tartar @ CEO Neway

Food at CEO is always good and this time there was something that was not always on the menu.
It was Poached egg on Salmon tartar.

I was having difficulty choosing what to order because all the choices were delicious.
The one I ordered is not normally on the menu and I knew I was going to be hungry after finishing it.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Poached egg on Salmon tartar
When it arrived I was really impressed because not only was it just poached egg and salmon tartar there were other goodies as well. There was salmon roe on top of the poached egg and there was lots of truffle oil and grounded truffle in the salad. The salmon tartar was held in a deep fried pastry wonton skin that had a bowl shape in the middle. There was also a piece of thin crispy apple slice in the salad.
The tartar tasted really nice and it had creamy avocado and mango pieces. As for the poached egg, it tasted really nice with the salmon roe especially the saltiness of the salmon roes with the egg white.

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