Sunday, May 06, 2012

Super star Nepalese Mo Mo, Thukpa and Chaumin

Although this place is called 2star's, it is worth more Stars in my opinion.

I have never tried Nepalese food but there is one in Central which is up the hill and there is another one there by in Wan Chai however that shop does not look so welcoming.
2star's stood out behinds the stalls and its red colour design reminded me of Pakora that used to be located in Causeway Bay which also had the delicious Tandoori Chicken leg.
tandoori chicken
tandoori chicken
Apart from Nepalese food there was also Philipino style fried fish and Indian dishes, but as I havent tried Nepalese food I ordered the Nepalese dumplings, soup noodles, and fried noodles and an Indian curry.
The only disadvantage is that there is no air conditioning, so it is a real torture in the summer.
Nepalese dumplings
In Nepalese they are called Mo Mo and there are two shapes in Nepal, one that looks the same as Shanghai dumplings and the other looks like steamed Potstickers.
The ones that were served here looked like Potstickers.
There were three different MoMo's: Chicken, pork or Vegetarian and I chose the Pork.
Inside the MoMo it was quite similar to the Chinese ones except that they have purple onions inside and not chives.
The purple onions gave it a really nice flavour.
These dumplings are served with soy sauce and spicy sauce (corner of the picture) which is watery and made of pureed chilis and other spices which is extremely hot!
Chicken soup noodles:
As I have not tried Nepalese noodles before I did not know what they would look like but they really surprised me.
The noodles are similar to the Chinese thick noodles which become soft when they absorb the broth.
Although the noodles look simple, it was delicious. It was plain chicken broth with generous chopped mustard greens, coriander and purple onions and some chicken.
The mustard greens had this lovely bitterness that made the soup bitter and I really liked it.
Anyway the presentation of these noodles look like those noodles served in Mun Nam but the soup here is not so thick.
I really loved it because there was lots of finely chopped mustard greens and the strong taste of the mustard green in the soup.
In Nepalese it is called Thukpa
Stir fried noodles
The noodles here were the same type as above but stir-fried and it looked and tasted like the Chinese style.
In Nepalese it is called Chaumin.
Indian lamb curry
Apart from lamb curry there was also other vegetables that were nice and the soup was really nice.
The soup was wholesome and there were some spices and pulses.

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