Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sichuan chilled noodles @ ReD fOrEsT

The camera packed up when I took pictures of the noodles so I only have the product shot which is much the same as the real thing.
The Sichuan noodles were only $18 so gave them a try.
They have a non spicy version so I ordered that.

When it arrived it the noodles were in soup.
They had given me the wrong noodles so they politely took it back and exchanged it.
When the correct one arrived it looked almost the same as the product shot but since my camera packed up, there is no picture.
The noodles were yellow and there was lots of coriander, peanuts, beanshoots and pickled vegetables in it.
Although the noodles are served cold, I thought they would be at room temperature but they were chilled.

The sauce was slightly too salty with lots of MSG but despite that it was really nice.
The sichuan peppercorns were not that strong and the sesame paste sauce could have been stronger too.
But I suppose for a location that is away from the city the noodles surpassed my expectations.

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