Sunday, April 02, 2017

[Pizza Hut, Hong Kong] Get lovebites with STARBITES

At Pizza Hut there are some new dishes, as well as pizza there is baked lobster with Parmesan Cheese called the CHEESY LOBSTER SUPREME and SLOW COOKED PORK KNUCKLE.

The star of the show is the STAR BITES pizza which comes in two flavours is in a shape of a star and the slices look like HEARTS.

At the moment, they are doing a promotion where you get a miniature version of the Star Bites pizza if you order the set and spend over $350.
See in store or online promotion for more detailed information.

The lobster was really good complimented by the fries and salad, it definitely felt different as I would never have imagined eating baked lobster at Pizza Hut.

The pork knuckle was soft and came off the bone easily covered in thick sweet black pepper and honey sauce, while the vegetables and gravy were laced in aromatic cumin seeds.

Prawn and scallops STAR BITES pizza and the mini pizza pictured together.
Each slice looks like a heart.

Chicken and peach STAR BITES pizza:
Tried both pizzas and the chicken and peach is for people who like it sweet because it is fruity with peach and pineapple pieces.
I liked the Prawn and scallops because it had olives, pepperoni and green peppers.
The pizza base was equally as good because it was soft with a chew and you can tell it is made from fresh dough.
The pizza edges were my favourite because I love cheese and it was stuffed with cheese and sausage.
Definitely coming back again for more cheesy pizzas!!
The fizzy drinks are always memorable because they are the fizziest compared to other drinks.

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