Saturday, April 22, 2017

[Mr. Cumin] A place to cure lamb cravings

I don't know why but I just love Cumin so I was drawn here.
Cumin is normally paired with lamb and sprinkled on skewers which is just what this joint serves.
As well as the skewers, the rice with minced lamb sauce is a must order.

It was breathtaking watching him grill the meat and you can even feel the flames so I guess don't stand too close!

I wonder how he is going to cope with that heat later when the temperatures are going to reach 32 degrees C plus!!

As well as grilling the meats, it is then torched to ensure that hard to reach areas are evenly done.

Here was what I had:
Chicken wings stuffed with glutinous rice:

I am not keen on stuffed chicken wings but I loved this because it wasn't too oily or fat after the way they grilled and torched it.

The glutinous rice in the middle had a good flare of spice that gives it a good spice kick that doesn't linger.
To be honest, I found the lamb skewer and lamb chop quite similar but it depends if you prefer chunks of lamb or a juicy lamb rack.
Lamb skewer:

Lamb rack:

Now to the star of the show, MINCED LAMB WITH RICE.

Looking very spicy with generous flakes of chili, I was fooled because it was not spicy at all and the minced lamb was so tasty and lean which was delicious with the rice.
If you mix the egg, it becomes even more heavenly with the richness of the egg yolk.

It would be great if they have onsen eggs which you could completely mix it in.
The courgette slices were sweet and tasty and I liked the way it was evenly cooked.


Mr.Cumin 米孜然:
Hong Kong, North Point, 宏安道2-12號地下5號舖

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