Monday, April 24, 2017

[Hokkaidon] Overflowing salmon roe

Hokkaidon has been featured on most all the media because of this Donburi which overflows with salmon roe.

Video of the over flowing salmon.

On some nights they will be cutting a whole meguro.
That night, it was a big gathering so we had lots of dishes to share.
Onsen Egg with Salmon Roe:
This was salmon roe and onsen egg goodness together.
"Yukhoe" Tuna with Avocado:
I absolutely loved this dish because it had my favourite avocado and tuna and the yolk makes it even more silkier.
Braised Abalone:
A perfectly braised abalone with a balanced sweetness and the seasoning.
At first, I didn't know what was so special about this salmon but it is visually different because it does not have those white lines and the salmon taste is more intense.
Sea Urchin (50g)
You just can't get enough of uni so ordered an extra board of it to compliment the donburis.
Salmon Roe Don:
The salmon roe was the star of the show which I was waiting for the whole night.
On the last scoop of salmon roe, it will overflow from the bowl.
The size of the salmon roe was slightly smaller and darker than I had expected but the taste was really good because they were not as salty as the big ones.

Signature Hokkai Don:
If you want a mix of everything, then the Hokkai Don is a good choice.
They also have these mini dons which are good for sharing.
Hot Mini Don $208

Tuna Mini Don  $248

There is a hot eel don with soup that you pour in:

Soy Milk Mochi with Brown Sugar:
For dessert, the soy milk mochi was delish because the texture was the same as Okinawan peanut tofu but with a strong soy bean taste.

My melon drink was fantastic as it was light and natrual with a strong melon taste.

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