Thursday, April 13, 2017

[Cheung Kung Koon 張公館] Food for Tycoons

Thanks to M and the super twin brothers for inviting me to dinner at Cheung Kung Koon 張公館.
It is located at the new V Point with a beautiful view of the harbour surrounded by other buildings which feels like you are in Shanghai.

Cheung Kung Koon serves high quality modern Chinese food where you will find local celebrities dining there so the food must be good.

Here was what we had:
Shark bone and fish maw soup:

This was soup boiled with shark bones and fish maw hence the lovely milky cream colour.
The star of the soup was the 1.5cm thick fish maw that had a super sticky texture so you could imagine how much pure collagen was in it.
It was such an unforgettable experience eating this because it was so soft and extremely gelatinous which meant it was good in quality.
Crispy sea cucumber with goose feet:

Goose feet and sea cucumber are always paired together but the special thing about this dish is that the sea cucumber has a crispy surface as it has been coated in a light coating and fried.
Steamed egg and crab claw with Chinese wine:
The steamed egg was silky and there was lots of crab meat which was infused with a fragrant wine flavour.
Fish head soup with Chinese Angelica and Ligusticum wallichii (Szechuan lovage)
This is a herbal soup that is good for you. For more details the staff will happily explain it.

Anyway, I loved it because it had a strong fish taste with a nice bitterness from the herbs.
Spicy shaomai

These shaomai are no ordinary shaomais because they are spicy with a lovely Sichuan kick to it.
I loved them because the spiciness balances the heaviness of the pork.
Charsiu buns with pineapple

These charsiu buns will give you a surprise because it has real pineapple that is not sweetened hence they are very moreish.
(冰鎮鮑魚 / 麻醬無花果 / 冰菜蕃茄沙律 / 炸墨魚滑 / 酸薑皮蛋 / 釀秋葵 / 椒鹽九肚魚 / 酥炸鴿蛋 / 咕嚕肉):
The palace box:
A good sampler of nine items but the only problem is that they are quite filling so probably a good idea to share this.
The nine items are: chilled abalone, fig in sesame sauce, chilled tomato and crystal lettuce, fried quid patty, preserved egg and ginger, stuffed okra, salt and pepper bombay fish, fried pigeon egg and sweet and sour pork.

Sweet and sour pork
Obviously my favourite because the coating was light and crispy and the pork was meaty.
Chicken with lotus root chips:

Although the chicken was the star of the show, the lotus chips stole the show because they were so addictive and taste like crisps.
鐵皮叉燒:Sizzling roast pork

This was juicy tender charsiu on a bed of deliciously sweet soya beans.
水煮龍躉Fish slices in hot chili oil

The fish slices were silky but because they put okra in this dish, the fish was even more viscous with a strong spicy taste that was a bit too spicy for me.

This was stir fried glass vermicelli with egg and beanshoots.
I loved the fragrant egg taste and springy soft glass vermicelli that went well with the juicy beanshoots.
Stir fried beef noodles

A flawless noodle dish that was not oily.
Lobster soup with scallop and crispy rice

Last but not least was this golden soup which had a lovely sweet lobster taste with some creaminess that is best dipped with the crueller to soak the broth.
Tri colour steamed piggy bun:

I loved these buns because they used vegetable colourings which you can really taste.
The green one has a spinach taste, the orange has a carrot taste and the pink one is beetroot.
Inside the bun was this delicious soft custard filling that was not too sweet.
Pomelo sago:

This was served in a beautiful Thai style bowl, the crispy sago pearls gave it an interesting crunch that you will remember.
Almond pudding:
I was too full to try this as I had the sago pudding.

Hot sago pudding:

Both puddings come in these gorgeous Le Creuset pots which are tempting to take home.
Anyway, I liked the warm sago pudding because it wasn't too sweet.
Cheung Kung Koon 張公館:

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