Friday, January 11, 2019

Singmalay Series

I love Singaporean and Malaysian food so decided to make a record of all the Singmalays foods that I eat.
Some are authentic and some are just Singmalay inspired.

More to come

[Singmalay Part 11]
Date Dined: 2009-Sep-09
Restaurant: Relish Noodle 狀元麵館

[Singmalay Part 10]
Date Dined: 2009-Jul-03
Restaurant: Ma Thai 馬泰

[Singmalay Part 9]
Date Dined: 2009-Sep-28
Restaurant: Malaymama 馬拉媽媽

[Singmalay Part 8]
Date Dined: 2009-Sep-21
Restaurant: King Laksa 喇沙王

[Singmalay Part 7]
Date Dined: 2009-Feb-22
Restaurant: Malaysia (Port Klang) Cuisine Limited 馬拉盞星馬美食

[Singmalay Part 6]
Date Dined: 2008-Oct-15
Restaurant: Prawn Noodle Shop 蝦麵店

[Singmalay Part 5]
Date Dined: 2008-Jul-04
Restaurant: Pasar Singaporean Flavour 巴沙新加坡小品

[Singmalay Part 4]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-20
Restaurant: Katong Laksa Prawn Mee 加東叻沙蝦麵

[Singmalay Part 3]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-18
Restaurant: Katong Laksa Prawn Mee 加東叻沙蝦麵

[Singmalay Part 2]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-10
Restaurant: YEOH'S BAH KUT TEH (楊氏肉骨茶)

[Singmalay Part 1]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-10
Restaurant: Sing Ma Restaurant

Thursday, January 03, 2019

[Rye House] Comforting Nordic Food

Ever since I went to Swedish National day, I have fallen in love with Nordic food because I can relate to it.
Discovered Rye House from another Swedish event where they were doing a collaboration with the Mäckish Girls a while ago during the weekend.
After trying that, I was determined to come back to try the food from Rye House!

There is so much on the menu and they have a salad bar as well.

The reason why I can relate to Nordic food is that they use a lot of bread and potatoes which is basically the same as the diet in UK.
Interestingly their snacks are really similar to us in terms of flavours and they also have this similar snack to Wotsits!!

Started with the Egg Pie which was on my mind since the first visit!

This was so delicious because the pastry tasted like a thin crispy Ryvita tart filled with potatoes that were silky and viscous topped with creamy egg just like the stuff you get in egg mayo sandwiches.
It is so comforting to see lots of similar ingredients like their prawn and dill filling which tastes just like our Prawn and Mayo filling but with dill in it.
Next was the Nordic Hash (Pyttipannu) , again a really simple but comforting dish that is good on a winters day.
It was diced and fried cubes of potatoes that were fluffy and soft with a perfectly browned edge complemented by fresh organic eggs and pieces of meat.
Basically a delicious dish that you can eat all day or for brunch.

Last but not least was the Finnish Creamy Salmon Soup .

I loved it because it wasn't heavy with chunks of pink salmon and lots of dill.
There was a little butter in it to give it that beautiful golden glow as well enhancing the taste.
All was good and I was shocked that even their hot chocolate was so heavenly.
Will definitely come back again.

I appreciate them using environmentally friendly straws which are actually real plant straws.
Basically using rye straws for drinking which are biodegradable!

[Rye House]
Shop G10, G/F, Bank Of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Admiralty
Tel: 39968950
Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 18:30
Sat: 09:00 - 14:00
Sun: Closed
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