Friday, October 02, 2015

Expats new retreat in Mong Kok’s new Marks and Spencers

I rarely go to MK because it is too congested with people and second hand smoke but I went here because of Marks and Sparks which has something different compared to the Central and Tai Koo branch.

Although it boasts to be the biggest food store in Hong Kong, the other MS food stores seem bigger especially the Central branch.

They serve Mac and Cheese balls, Beef and onion/chicken and mushroom slices and there is a nice table to dine there.

I got the Mac and Cheese balls and the steak and onion slice and I would have got tea as well but the staff said I could not use this stamp card because they said it is for Coffee related drinks only.

I was given this card in Central where I have been using it on TEA ONLY and if the dumbasses looked closely at the card you can see tea cups as well as coffee cups.
An email has been sent to Marks and Sparks because the staff should be trained about their own products and services instead of making up non-existent rules and it is a waste of breathe trying to reason with dumb people.

Anyway, the Mac and cheese balls were good, the coating was crispy and it had real cheesy cheese in the middle with decent macaroni but the cheese could have been stronger.
The slice was really good and I haven’t had this for ages because I don’t have an oven.

The puff pastry was flakey and buttery and it was filled with delicious beef in the middle.

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