Sunday, October 25, 2015

Foxtail Broomcorn debuts in WanChai

Previously tried this noodle joint in Sheung Wan and now they have expanded with a bigger and spacious branch on Landale Street.
The menu is better because it has English and Chinese with pictures compiled into a booklet.
I had some new items with noodles.

Hoi An: Salmon with shirataki noodles

This was my favourite because the salmon was soft and delicate, the noodles beneath it were mixed with a garlicky vinegar dressing that tastes like the sauce used in Thai style chicken feet.
Lu Rou Fan:

This was basically Taiwanese inspired sauce with minced pork and rice.
A great option for people who want rice.
Grilled zucchini with prawn roe:

The zucchini was sweet and crisp flavoured by the fragrant prawn roe.
Grilled Eggplant with miso:

The eggplant was soft and silky flavoured by the strong smoky sweet miso.
Tandoori Fish Cake with Sesame Sauce and Apple Salsa

I love Indian spices and they are Tandoori fishcakes topped with sesame sauce and apple slices.
Grilled sirloin beef with spicy sauce

A nice lean steak with spicy sauce.
Pork and parmesan flavored with truffle dumpling, served with chinese vinegar and chili oil:

tasty pork dumplings with a truffle flavouring in an appetizing spicy vinegar sauce.
Cheng Tng:

This is basically a cooling sweet soup with snow ear fungus, red dates, longans and wolfberries.
Kueh Dadar:

These were pandan pancakes filled with coconut, a great dessert for people who like coconut
House Made Fruit Tea:

For drinks, I had the House made fruit tea that was gently sweetened and it had tones of orange, grapefruit, passionfruit and apple in it.

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