Monday, October 26, 2015

Weak broth but spicy enough at 川味美食

Randomly went here because I was in the area and the place that serves lovely instant noodles with liver was closed.
The noodles here are either served in broth or mixed with sauce but the choices are not that flexible because you can’t mix and match the broths with different noodles or I must have misinterpreted the menu.

Anyway, it was fairly cheap costing $20/$21 so it didn’t matter if it wasn’t good.
The one with ramen noodles with too spicy.

The flat noodles fared better.
When it arrived, it was too hot, so all you could taste was the chili.

After it cooled down, you could taste the pork broth but it was weak with a weird mint taste as well.
The broth could have been better hence tastier noodles but for that price its forgivable.

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