Monday, October 26, 2015

Gritty mussels at FRITES Belgium on Tap

Having missed Belgos, I decided to get my mussel fix from FRITES Belgium on Tap.
There are two new branches at Causeway Bay and Central.
Went to the Central branch because it was close to the MTR.

The building is new and you can still smell cement and other industrial smells which wasn't pleasant everytime the elevator opened.

Anyway, ordered the mussels mariniere with fries.

The fries were nicely done and tasted delicious with the creamy mayo but the mussels were really gritty.
I think they should improve on this and it was lucky that I only got one pot otherwise it would be wasted.
The bread tasted weird because there was oil on it (clearly not butter) and it was a bit rancid.

It is a genius how the pieces of onion got burnt!!

The bill:

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