Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A small Shaanxi joint with an interesting English name

I have always wanted to get buns from this place because the pictures of these purple rose shaped buns looked good and the name Duke Big Bun sounded interesting.
Missed this place on the first visit because it was so well hidden and there is no telephone number to call and no one replied me from their FB page..

Anyway, finally found it one night and it was impressive there is an English menu too.

I got the purple potato rose bun, green tea and red bean bun and a tub of Liangpi.
The pumpkin brown sugar bun was sold out so I will try that next time and the roujiamo as well.

The steamed buns were ok but the colour was different from the pictures.
The sweet purple potato rose bun looked like a chocolate rose.

The green tea and red bean bun was ok,

As for the Liangpi, I loved it, it tastes nice without the chili oil but after adding it the spices and aromas came alive and it is not as spicy as it looks because I ended adding the whole bag!
The tofu pieces were chunky and delicious because it had a spongy structure and absorbed all the flavours. 

Duke Big Bun 大包公
G/F, Ming Sun Mansion, 
375 Shang Hai Steet, Yau Ma Tei

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