Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Now showing food at Nathan Left

Went here because it looked like a typical British cinema where they have Cinema lettering in red and black against the white background with lines.

The picture below is a photograph taken by me at Whitechapel in London showing the Genesis Cinema.

Here is Nathan Left.

The menu looked pretty good so went there for dinner.

Started with the Alaska crab leg with mango papaya salad $168.

It looked exactly like the product shot.
There were two Alaska crab legs with crabmeat that were ready to eat, it was tasty with a strong sea salt taste.
The salad was nicely presented with a layer of papaya at the bottom, then lettuce on top, then mango and more crabmeat on top.
Smoked salmon pizza $128:

The pizza was had my favourite ingredients, there was salmon, anchovies and mushrooms which all give a great flavour especially with the saltiness of the anchovy and the smokiness of the salmon.
Roasted whole US game hen chicken with lemon and thyme with a choice of black pepper sauce, cep's mushroom sauce and gravy $148.

The chicken was really good because it was tender and juicy but I could not taste any lemon or thyme however it came with sauces so it didn't really need lemon and thyme.
It was hard choosing the gravy but the cep's mushroom sauce is really good with pieces of mushrooms in it.

Seafood squid ink risotto $148:

Lastly, I had the risotto which was topped with quite a variety of seafood including salmon, prawn, mussel and clam.
The quality of the seafood was good because they were not frozen ones and the mussel was soft and sweet.
For drinks I had the Kiwi mocktail which was blended with real kiwi and it was not too sweet.

There is a stage for local performers who are looking for a venue.
On Monday nights it is Chinese and English music and on the weekends there are other Asian bands.
For more details, please ask the restaurant who will be happy to answer your questions.
Nathan LeftB1/F, Hart Avenue Plaza, 5-9 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 2369 1333

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