Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Banquet with food ordered from 360 Food Direct

In Hong Kong, most people dine at crowded restaurants during festivals and special occasions but for Autumn festival we had a brilliant time with Mr Chiu, the owner of 360 Food Direct and food from 360 Food Direct.

There was a wide range of food ranging from Fresh oysters, sashimi, meats and desserts, which were easily cooked.

We had such a great laugh that night sharing our cooking skills and having a fun time.

I couldn’t seem to get my oyster open despite getting taught by Mr Chiu but 360 Food Direct have an oyster opening service for dummies like me so you can leave it to the professionals.

Here was the food that we had:

French Savel Yellow spring chicken:


Kinki fish:


Thai Coco Glace:

I loved the food from 360 Food Direct, especially the chicken and dry aged beef. Prices are reasonable and they deliver with orders over $600.

When we left, Mr Chiu was so nice to give us some goodies to cook at home.
Here was the steak and pasta I cooked at home which just shows how easy it is to cook.

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