Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Relaxing place above a public swimming pool at Oakland (Hung Hom)

I rarely go to HH because it is inconvenient but found out there was this interesting place called Oakland founded by three talented people.
It took me a while to find i because it was on the 1st floor above the public swimming pool.

Inside there was a comfortable sofa and nice décor.
Here was what I tried:

Thai Nong drumstick with shum shum shum fries:

The chicken drumstick was surprisingly good because the chicken was juicy and springy paired with their delicious chili sauce that had a nice fiery kick without the Hong Kong style sweetness.
The fries are topped with cheese and bacon according to the menu but there was not much cheese on it.
Although there was more mayonnaise than cheese, it still tasted good.
Toast with egg:

The toast with egg was ok but the mushrooms at the bottom were a bit watery.

Apple crumble:

The apple crumble looked a bit burnt but it was amazing because the apples in it were tart and there were cranberries in it too.
It came with icecream but it was nice without it and I would prefer custard or cream to go with it.
Custard pudding:

The custard pudding was thick and creamy.


The meringues were light and crispy without being too sweet.


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