Thursday, October 29, 2015

Back for more Chinese sausages at Ser Wong Fun

After the first visit, I was craving for more Chinese sausages because both types taste good.
I never eat the red ones because it is normally oily but here they are fragrant and delicious.
You can choose the bowl for $55 or the plate for $60, for the average person the bowl should be a sufficient portion but as I find it easier using the plate, I opted for the plate.

There were two red preserved sausages and two liver sausages.
The red sausage tasted really good with a fragrant Chinese wine taste and the texture was soft but not as soft like Western sausages.
As for the liver sausages they were good as well and extremely velvety but they were on the sweet and bitter side this time.
Perhaps if I had eaten the liver sausage first then it would have tasted better.
The only let down was the rice because it was too soft and not hot enough.

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