Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Arome bakery's blueberry yoghurt cup

Arome bakery has launched a new blueberry yoghurt series with tarts, rolls and dessert cups.
I wanted to get the blueberry yoghurt roll but it was sold out so I got the yoghurt cup.

It was nice that the texture was thick and not like weird gelatin pudding but the taste was a bit strange because it didn’t taste like yoghurt.

The taste was more like thick sour cream with sweetness or sour clotted cream with a sweetness.
Basically it was heavy thick cream.
There is a difference between Yoghurt and cream.
After mixing the blueberry at the bottom, the sour cream taste was better disguised.
Although it failed as a dessert, the sour cream/clotted cream would go well with scones if you ignore the slight sourness to it.

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