Sunday, March 22, 2015

3rd space needs improving

Came here because the pancakes looked attractive.
Earl grey pancakes:

Not fluffy enough and the earl grey flavouring was a bit too artificial but the blueberries in the pancakes were nice and gave a burst of blueberry juice when you bit into them.
Pineapple and banana smoothie:

It was very bland and watery lacking pineapple taste and it was quite sweet as well.
Breakfast tea:
I wanted to order the Earl Grey but it had lavender so I chose the breakfast tea!

When it came it was black as coffee and they put way too much tea leaves in the teabag that it was sufficient to make a huge pot of tea.

Anyway, it was extremely bitter so had it diluted many times to make it drinkable and I was told that it is normally served in a pot so why did they use a cup!

Overall, I felt that it was a bit overpriced because the quality did not match the pricetag.

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