Monday, March 16, 2015

[Lab Made] I-Scream in the dark

Lab Made have teamed up with Dialogue in the Dark to serve four random mysterious flavours to get our taste buds guessing!.

Once we concluded what we tried, we can submit our answers on their FB page to win FREE Lab Made vouchers with coffee cup set + Concert in the Dark preview tickets!

You also get a $20 coupon to use at Dialogue in the Dark tour.

There are four random flavours served and the only clues given are:
(Hints)A1: Sweet and sour fruity Greek Yogurt

(Hints)A2: Fresh, Bitter, Sweetness

(Hints)A3: The flavour of your childhood treat

(Hints)A4: Sweet, fragrance and creamy

As it is a competition and the flavours are random, it is hard to review it here but the one I had was sweet and fruity!

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