Sunday, March 29, 2015

My 6th visit to Putien

This is my sixth visit here and the food is always good.The other visits have not been written up because I usually have the same items but this time I had different dishes which were good as well that makes me wonder why they havent made it in the Michelin guide yet they have been recommended by the British newspaper The Guardian.

Anyway, here was what I had:
Spinach with Salted Egg & Century Egg in Supreme Stock:

The spinach was delicious because it was covered in thick sauce which had lots of crushed preserved egg in it that gave it a burst of flavour.
Crispy fish slices in Fermented Red Rice Wine :

This was absolutely divine because the slices of fish were extremely thin and crispy with a silky centre covered in thick fermented rice wine sauce.
The portion was a bit too small though and they were difficult to pick up with chopsticks.
Potato noodles in Putien style sauce:
As well as the rice vermicelli, this is another great noodle dish because the gravy was delicious.

Again, they were hard to pick up with chopsticks otherwise I would have finished this dish within a flash!


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