Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Niigata delights

I was recommended this place because they serve lots of dishes from Niigata in Japan.
As we were a big group, we tried the set meal for one which costs $780 and some a la carte dishes.
The set meal was quite good because there were quite a few good items included, it even had Niigata rice which is cooked in the copper pots when you go into the restaurant.

Here were the items in the meal, followed by some a la carte items that we shared.

There were two pieces of sushi (Japanese sea urchin, lean bluefin tuna), steamed egg custard with prawn and Salmon roe with grated radish.
The bluefin tuna was a delight, the taste was strong with a brilliant umami aftertaste.

This was a clear steamed prawn dumpling soup with a springy prawn patty.

On the sashimi plate were Ikijine Japanese amberjack, medium fatty bluefin tuna, seabream and Northern prawn.
All of them were fresh and tasty.

The delicate tempura coating on the Prawn and Japanese vegetables were nice.
Grilled food:
Sado city style salt grilled rosy seabass

The fish was delicate and silky.
Main dish:

The A5 wagyu rib eye was grilled on the hot stone which lets you control how well you want the beef done and mine ended up juicy and tender.
Simmered dish:
Simmered thornyhead rockfish

Compared to the first fish, the texture was silkier and it was covered in an appetizing sauce.
Sakura prawn with Niigata Koshihikari rice cooked in tradtional copper pot.

As a carbs lover, this was my favourite because the rice was soft and slightly sticky mixed with delicious sakura prawns that gave it a savoury taste.
We also had the plain Niigata Koshihikari rice served with seakelp, roe and pickles.

This was delicious as well, the simplicity of rice that had a natrual sweetness paired with strong tasting sides.
Niigata salmon sakebitashi

The slices of dried fish were soaked in sake which tones down the pungent flavour while releasing the aromatic salty taste of the preserved fish.
Stone grilled pork roast “koshi gold”

The pork was juicy and lean.
Tochio specialty: jumbo fried tofu

This was another favourite of mine because the tofu was springy and soft.
Niigata local specialty Noppe

The vegetables in light gravy were perfect for balancing the heavy dishes served earlier.
Japanese vegetables assortment with 2 kinds of miso [snow aged miso used]

These vegetables were another delight, they were sweet and crunchy paired with miso.
To summarize, the copper pot Niigata Koshihikari rices and the bluefin tuna were fantastic.

12/F, OLIV, 15 Sharp Street East,Causeway Bay

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