Friday, March 13, 2015

Seaweed omelette at 焱丸水產

There were quite a few things I wanted to eat including the crab roe where you have to grill it but in the end I got the omelette and tuna rolls because I couldn't be bothered to watch it grill.
The menu was really annoying because it was in Japanese style Chinese and Japanese.

The prices were really cheap but then this restaurant is in Kowloon.

Anyway, here was what I had.
Seaweed omelette:
I was shocked how fast it came because it came a fews seconds after I had ordered, so it probably implies that this is already made and sitting in a warmer but the omelette was piping hot.

The taste was ok but you couldn't really taste the seaweed even though you could see it and the texture was not that fluffy.

Anyway, found egg shell in it which was white, therefore they use white eggs!

Tuna rolls:

The tuna roll looked good with the generous strips of tuna given to you as well on the ends but the tuna lacked tuna taste.

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