Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sushi Take Out's canned products

Sushi Take Out is a successful Taiwanese brand selling affordable sushi.

It is interesting that they have other products such as crab and tinned foods so I went for the tinned squids and salmon which are branded by Sushi Take Out.

Braised squid:

The texture of the squid was surprisingly good because it was springy not like other tinned foods where they are mushy and hard.
I found the taste too sweet so I rinsed it with water and it tasted much better.
Braised salmon bone:

The salmon was surprisingly good because it was labelled salmon bone so who the heck would want to eat bones.
Again, the salmon had a natrual soft texture which was not mushy or hard and the bone was soft and edible so it was my first experience being able to eat salmon bones!


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