Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tulsi stretches to West Hong Kong

Ever since I dined at the North Point's award winning Tulsi, I have fallen in love with their curries because they are just like the ones in the UK.
There is a branch in Quarry Bay which is good but the location is troublesome and there are always crowds because there are no Indian restaurants around.
After checking out HKU MTR station I stumbled upon this branch of Tulsi which is quite different to the other two because they serve Thai food and pasta dishes.

Anyway, dined there because they had curries.

Chocolate lassi:

This was a special request because chocolate milkshake was too heavy so I asked them if they could make a chocolate lassi and as expected it tasted how I like it because I loved the yoghurt taste with a hint of cocoa.
For people who like this, you can buy chocolate yoghurts but not in Hong Kong.
Aloo Gobi:

This was fantastic as expected because it had an appetizing tomato base with curry spices with juicy cauliflower florets and silky potatoes.
Beef curry:

A mildly spiced curry with a great curry sauce to go with the rice.

Mushroom rice:

The mushroom rice was similar to the other fried rices that they serve.
Each grain of rice was tasty and the portion was surprisingly big!!

Tulsi and Wine:
G/F, 10-11 The Bonham Mansion, 63 Bonham Road, Western District

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