Thursday, March 05, 2015

Quality steak at L’Entrecôte De Paris Restaurant

The first time I had steak frites was in France but I couldn't remember the restaurant because I was young back then..
In Hong Kong, it is hard to find good steaks so the other place I have tried was La Vache.
The difference is that the steak at L’Entrecôte De Paris Restaurant comes with a famous secret recipe sauce.
It costs HKD268 and you get a green salad with walnuts followed by steak and unlimited fries which are delicious with the green sauce.

The drinks and cocktail menu were good with a nice choice for rums, whiskeys and vodkas.

The restaurant décor is simple and elegant with a 1920s glamorous feel. Tiffany lamps surrounding the ceiling help accentuate the atmosphere.


Had the rum which was pretty easy drinking with cubes of ice swirling in the glass and I really liked it because the rum was not too strong.
As well as this one I would have chosen Mary Pickford because it has grenadine a classic French drink ingredient.
My Sky:

The drink I had was a refreshing concoction of lime, barley water and apple.

To start off with, they give you a salami plate with refreshing pickled gherkins which were perfect with the drinks we ordered.

This was a simple salad that was delicious because it was drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil and the leaves were crispy and fresh.
Steak with fries:

The steak was soft and juicy oozing with red juice which was simply delicious and the green sauce was really addictive because it had a garlicky creamy taste with a sour note that made it moreish.
After pouring the sauce on the fries, you won't be able to stop eating the fries however you have to save your appetite for dessert, but saying that I could not resist and had a bit too much.
This was my first Paris Brest and one that I will use as standard.
Paris Brest is a French dessert, made of choux pastry filled with a praline flavoured cream created in 1910 to commemorate the Paris–Brest–Paris bicycle race.
It has a circular shape to represent the bike wheel.
This dessert became popular to riders before the race because it is high in calories.
I remember a few years ago that they were really popular but not many places had them at the time.

As you can see the filling was beautifully piped and it was thick enough to hold.
Although the praline filling was thick it was delightfully silky and not too sweet sandwiched in between the delicate choux pastry that was light and springy.
Cheese platter:

On the plate was roquefort, roblechon, comté, mimolette and tome de savoie.
My favourite was the orange coloured mimolette which was flavourful because it was sharp, full bodied and had a nice semi hard texture.
Enough said, I am already addicted to their famous sauce!
L’Entrecôte De Paris Restaurant
3/F., 46-48 Wyndham Street, Central

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