Monday, March 30, 2015

Eat and play during Easter!

Chocolate rain is a well known brand adored by everyone.

I have always wanted to try this place when they started this Eat and Play experience at PMQ because you get to literally eat and play but it was hard trying to persuade someone to come with me.

For Easter, the eat and play includes a six course meal with egg painting.

The six course meal is prepared by a chef who used to work for a Michelin Three star restaurant.
Tomato Tomato:

steamed lettuce, corn custard, cucumber, tea air.
The corn custard was a sweetcorn consomme jelly which melted in your mouth with sweet umami flavours.
mini savory surprise:

This was a delight with light foamy whipped cheese and a crisp cheese cracker.
My dumpling:
chives, scallop, bonito broth, sesame, snow fungus

A nourishing soup with a gelatinous piece of snow fungus
spring is coming:
avocado salsa, parmesan, market salad, eggplant and more

shrimps land:

This was a bowl of pretty pastel colours containing springy prawns, potatoes and prawn crackers tossed in a buttery sauce.
Sweet sweet me:

This was a light and dreamy molecular creme brulee with a fragrant caramel taste.
mini sweet surprise:

Finished with this pretty dessert that was garnished with refreshing lime dust and airy whipped cream followed by tea.


You are given a lovely cook book to take home and here is the DIY that I did.


Fatina & Chefo, Eat & Play
Shop S112, 1/F., Staunton PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central

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