Sunday, March 29, 2015

Candy floss suyiyaki at Nabe Urawa

An intense 90 minute shabu shabu experience!

Basically you get 90 minutes of shabu shabu time and the cheapest one starts at $158 and the most expensive one costs $318 depending on the beef you choose.
There is a good variety of beef selections ranging from the US to Australia.
Although the US beef is the cheapest, it was my personal favourite because it is lean!!!

As well as the wonderful selection of vegetables, dumplings, curry and fried rice, they have sashimi and seafood which is also included in the buffet so I suggest ordering that first while the shabu shabu heats up.

The noodles are a must try because the texture is really good and absorbs the broth nicely.

There are various of teas and sweet treats such as froyo, popcorn and candyfloss!

I had fun making candyfloss and it was really easy, all you do is pour sugar into the machine and once floss starts to appear, you use the stick to wind it into candyfloss!

Suyiyaki broth:

At Nabe, they put candyfloss in Sukiyaki instead of sugar!~
I thought I heard it wrong but it was really candyfloss.



Beef curry and rice:

If shabu shabu and sashimi is not enough, they have curry beef and rice.
Supersupergirl style froyo with candyfloss!

Since they had froyo and candyfloss, I decided to top the froyo with candyfloss saving myself $4X that you would pay in Korean desserties.
I enjoyed the experience and it was good that it was not all beef.
Nabe Urawa:
Shop 118, 1/F, Grand Plaza, 625 & 639 Nathan Road, Mong Kok

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